8 Best Immunity Boosters Available in India

8 Best Immunity Boosters Available in India

8 Best Supplements to quickly boost your immunity

Health of your immune system is critical to fight the disease-causing micro organisms. To promote a healthy immune system will require you to improve your overall lifestyle – consuming nutritional diet, getting enough sleep, remaining hydrated and exercising regularly. Though improving your lifestyle will give you long-term benefits, it might not be enough for a quick boost in your immunity. You might want to rely on immunity booster tablets or drinks to power your immune system in such scenarios.

There are natural ayurvedic ingredients available in India like Giloy, Tulsi, Elderberry, which help in improving digestion, blood purification, reduction in stress and anxiety and alongside also help you deal with common skin problems like acne, and pimples. After reviewing through various items available in India, we have curated the best products that will provide you a combination of ayurvedic ingredients making sure preparing your immune system to fight the infectious diseases and ensuring you and your family a healthy living.

immunity booster tablet - Dabur giloy tablets

Dabur Giloy Immunity Booster Tablets

Dabur Giloy tablets are 100% Ayurvedic Immunity boosters that help strengthen your immunity. These tablets will also help in purification of blood removing unwanted toxics that will reduce your problems of acne, pimples and other skin conditions. 

  • Boosts Immunity: Active components fo Giloy are known to boost phagocytic activity of macrophages thereby helping boost immunity.
  • Blood Purification: Giloy helps to purify blood which can help in dealing with skin problems like acne, pimples, etc.
  • Good for Joints Health: Giloy is known to have anti-inflammatory properties which helps reduce inflammation, thereby aiding healthy joints.
  • Healthy Glucose levels: Giloy helps to promote healthy glucose levels in the body.

Plant based immunity booster powder from oziva

Oziva Plant Based Immunity Booster

Oziva is one of the top health and wellness brands producing good quality products to ensure the fitness of individuals both physically and mentally. Their plant based immunity booster is Soy free, Gluten free, has no added sugar, and contains no preservatives or artificial sweetners.

  • It provides 100% natural Vitamin C sourced from standardized plant extracts like Acerola Cherry, Rosehip, etc.
  • Boosts Immunity: Contains immunity herbs like Elderberry, Holy Basil, Giloy, which boosts immunity and improves body fighting capacity.
  • Comes with wholefoods like Acai berry, Pomegranate, Orange, etc. which possess cofactors required to enhance the absorption of Vitamin C
  • Contains Guduchi which rejuvenates health & enhances innate immunity
  • Soy free, Gluten free, Non GMO, No added sugar, No trans fat, Lactose free, No preservatives and No artificial sweeteners

immunity booster tablets from himalaya wellness

Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Amalaki Immunity Wellness - Tablets

Himalaya is one of the good health and wellness brand in India. Pure herbs Amalaki is highly nutritious and the richest natural source of antioxidants. It helps body build its natural defense system and supports its immune efforts to fight infections. 

  • Immunity Booster: Amalaki helps boost immunity by building the body’s natural defense system to fight infections.
  • Antioxidant Properties: The active constituents of Amalaki has antioxidant effects that help rid the body of cell damaging free radicals.
  • Skin Improvement: Amalaki rejuvenates the skin and delay premature skin aging.
  • Reduces Stress: The herb enhances general health and performance by helping the body cope with stress.

immunity booster chyawanprash from cureveda

Cureveda Herbal Pureprash for Immunity Support

Cureveda is conceptualized to deliver vegetarian, as close to nature, non-prescription formulas. Cureveda Herbal pureprash is a good immunity booster kadha that enhances overall strength and energy and improves digestive system which helps in releasing out toxins and purification of blood.

  • Immunity Support: Stimulates the body's immunity against common day-to-day infections like cough & cold, allergies and infections due to seasonal weather changes.
  • General Wellness: Enhances overall strength & energy, supports digestive system. Sharpens memory and encourages brain functions. Aids in purification of blood and in elimination of toxic elements from the body. 
  • Respiratory Health: Fights with respiratory issues and also aids lung functioning to an extent.
  • Low Sugar, Pure Chyawanprash: No added sugar. It is naturally sweetened with jaggery and fructo-oligo-sachharide which is a great prebiotic assisting in digestive health.
  • Cureveda uses sustainably sourced amla to get the true benefit of Vitamin C with high antioxidant value.

immunity booster tablets from boldfit

Boldfit Immunity Booster Tablets

Boldfit Immune Shield Immunity Support contains rice antioxidants like Elderberry, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Vitamin C & Zinc in one formula to help support your immunity and wellness.

  • Immunity Support: Boldfit Immune shield supplement is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that serve as an adult immune system booster and help strengthen your body’s natural defence and build immunity.
  • Powerful Oxidants: Immune shield is enriched with powerful antioxidants such as Turmeric, Elderberry and more. Remember your grand mom’s immunity booster kadha? Immune Shield contains the best bits of it.
  • 100% RDA of Vitamin C: Immune shield helps give the Vitamin C needed by the body. Vitamin C plays a very important role in nourishment, general health maintenance, and daily immune support.
  • Powerhouse blend for healthy living: Boldfit Immunity booster supplement contains vitamin C, zinc and elderberry that supports immune system and are good for heart health.
  • Soy free. Gluten free. Sugar free.

immunity booster kadha from kapiva

Kapiva Tulsi Giloy Immunity Booster Kadha

Kapiva Tulsi Giloy Juice is one of the good grandma style immunity booster kadha which has 2x medicinal boost of Neem and Neem-grown Giloy. The freshly-cut, nutrient-rich Wild Tulsi leaves gives an added edge to the taste. This kadha is made in GMP approved facility, and is made from organically sourced, natural ingredients.

  • Boosts Immunity: The combination of tulsi and giloy makes it a good immunity booster. Compounds in Tulsi can improve the immune response to viral attacks, keeping incidences of infection under check.
  • Fights Allergies and Flu: Giloy stem is known to reduce symptoms of allergies like sneezing, running nose, nose congestions etc. Having Tulsi Giloy juice daily helps keep flu, infections, cold, cough and runny nose at bay. 
  • Hypoglycemic properties: Neem Giloy and Tulsi have hypoglycemic properties that help keep sugar levels in check. They also help in keeping mind calm and fighting daily fatigue.
  • Ogranically sourced ingredients. No added sugar. No sweeteners. No Chemicals.

immunity booster tablets from trycone

Trycone Immunity Booster Tablets

Trycone is a leading brand in Skin, Hair and Health Care Products. Their immunity booster contains ingredients including Zinc and Vitamin C which increases skin glow, along with improving immunity. It is made of Natural Vitamin C 1000 mg derived from citrus fruits like Amla, Orange etc and Zinc 12 mg, which makes it a complete immunity boosters for adults.

  • IMMUNITY SUPPORT: Vitamin C supplements acts as a powerful Antioxidant that helps strengthen body defence system. Both Vitamin C & Zinc helps in immune system functions to fight infections and diseases like common cold, influenza.
  • Collagen Production & Skin Glow: Vitamin C also gives you glowing skin as it improves collagen production.
  • Power of Effervescence – Effervescence tablets act faster, easy supplement of nutrition values, it’s gentle on stomach and comes with Stabilizing technology.
  • With Premium Ingredients, 100% Vegan, Sugar Free and No Artificial Colours.

organic immunity booster from carmel organics powder

Carmel Organics Immunity Booster

Carmel Organics Giloy Powder is finely grinded giloy powder with good aroma. It is manufactured organically and sourced sustainably. Caramel Organics Giloy powder, which is USDA certified, helps in detoxification, boosts immunity and promotes vitality.

  • USDA Organic certified
  • Boosts Immunity: Active components fo Giloy are known to boost phagocytic activity of macrophages thereby helping boost immunity.
  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety, and works as rejuvenator
  • Fights Respiratory Problems
  • Shows anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties.

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