How Sara Ali Khan lost so much weight?

How Sara Ali Khan lost so much weight?

Despite suffering from PCOD, Sara Ali Khan has shown drastic weight loss of over 30 kgs transforming from fat to fit body. Her jaw-dropping transformation from a chubby to a thin fit body over the years has stunned the bollywood and Indian fans. Sara Ali Khan used to weigh 96kg when she was studying in New York, where she used to eat lot of Pizza and lots of junk food from refined carbs to bad diet in her daily life schedule.

In a recent interview with BBC, Sara spoke about her weight loss journey: fitness regime and diet plan. Her weight loss journey might not be easy but an inspiring one.

Weight Loss Before After Transformation of Sara Ali Khan

Fitness Regime

Sara Ali Khan revealed that she followed a regular mixed workout. A mix workout prevents her from getting bored of same routine. She works out 6 days a week (which mostly includes cardio, pilates and body-weight exercises).

Running on Treadmill: Everyday, she used to run to bollywood music on the treadmill as fast as she could. She trains with Namrata Purohit for body strengthening, conditioning and flexibility movements.

Bootcamp Training: Bootcamp training includes a mix of aerobic excercises and strength training movements that help build strength and endurance. Sara Ali Khan trains under Cindy Jourdain for bootcamp training.

Sports: Apart from exercises, Sara Ali Khan is often seen playing tennis with Saif Ali Khan (father) and Ibrahim Ali Khan (brother). Indulging in sports like tennis, badminton or basket ball would be a good deal to lose weight quickly.

Weight Loss Diet Plan

She went on to reveal that her diet consists of low carb and high protein food. She gave up on all the junk food and pizzas, which does sound difficult but it is possible once you make a strict goal for yourself. She used to avoid sugar in her food as much as possible. In breakfast, she goes for egg whites, toasts or idlis. Lunch includes daal and roti along with vegetables, salads and fruits. Dinner is light, filled with chapatis and green veggies. Her post-workout meal consists of Greek yogurt with a scoop of protein and little bit of coffee.

Products to include in your weight loss diet plan

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True Elements Muesli

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Yoga Bar Super Muesli

Yoga Bar Super Muesli is also another alternative choice, which also comes with no added sugar. This Muesli pack comes with probiotics and prebiotics, 82% Almonds, Whole Grains, and a combination of Flax and Chia seeds, making it a good multi-nutritional muesli pack to add to your weight loss diet plan.

Best Whey Proteins

Protein Supplements are concentrated source of protein and thus, play an important part of weight loss diet if you are exercising regularly. Though, natural sources of protein are always the best but they come up with added fats and carbs. Thus, complementing natural sources of protein with a protein supplement provides you an essential balance – of proteins, carbohydrates and fats – making it a good weight loss diet plan.

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